Discover a new chocolate experience

The story of chocolate, which started with ancient civilisations in Central America, saw new chapters written with the introduction of milk chocolate in 1819 and white chocolate in 1936.

Now discover KitKat® made with natural Ruby cocoa beans – a new, delicious and unique berry flavour experience.

What is the Ruby flavour?

Made from newly discovered Ruby cocoa beans, the ruby coloured chocolate occurs naturally through unique processing. Ruby chocolate has a fresh berry fruitiness that will give your taste buds a tantalisingly intense sensorial experience!


What is Ruby chocolate?

Ruby chocolate is a new chocolate experience to discover — after dark, milk and white — that is made from the natural Ruby cocoa bean.

Why is Ruby chocolate so special?

Ruby chocolate has an intense berry-fruitiness, achieved without the addition of any flavours or colourings. Ruby chocolate also has a characteristic pink colour which comes from the Ruby cocoa bean (that has the necessary precursors) and is unlocked through an innovative process.

Where can I buy KitKat® made with Ruby cocoa beans?

You can be one of the first people to try Ruby chocolate in the UK! KitKat® 4 Finger made with Ruby cocoa beans. Available in Tesco stores nationwide now!