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Try our desk yoga and give
your back a break!

Many of us sit at a desk for a large portion of the day, which can cause muscle tension. By incorporating these simple exercises into your daily routine, you can ease both physical and mental stress in the workplace, without breaking a sweat!

Try these seated yoga poses with a colleague or on your own, from the comfort of your own desk.

Let's break it down:

Please take care when doing these exercises and stop if they feel too much for you or cause any discomfort.

Yoga - 2

1 Breathe, it’s break time

Let’s begin with a simple breathing exercise.

Sit up tall on the edge of your seat and put your hands on your waist.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose. Focus on the air flowing through your body and exhale slowly. Repeat 10 times.

Yoga - 3

2 Raise the bar

Sitting comfortably with your feet firmly on the ground, take a deep in-breath and raise your arms towards the ceiling.

Breathe in and out 3 times, then return your arms back down on the final exhale.

Maintain good upper body posture and repeat 5 times.

Yoga - 4

3 (Kit)Kat-Cow stretch

With your feet firmly on the ground, sit up tall and place your hands on your knees.

Arch your shoulders back, take a deep breath and squeeze your shoulder blades together. This is your cow position.

Exhale and pull your stomach in, then drop your head down towards your chest. This is your cat position.

Repeat 5 times, slowly and controlled.

Yoga - 5

4 Chair pigeon

Sit up straight and place your left ankle over your right thigh.

Hold this position for 4 deep breaths, leaning forward to intensify the stretch if you wish.

Repeat the exercise using your right ankle across your left thigh.

Yoga - 6

5 Chair spinal twist

Sit forwards on your chair, making sure you’re upright to elongate your spine.

Twist your torso to the left, and hold onto the back of the chair with your left arm. Don’t grab too tightly as this will cause tension, just find what feels comfortable and hold for 30 seconds.

Now come back to the centre and repeat on the other side.

Yoga - 7

6 Shoulder stretch

Sit toward the edge of your chair, but make sure you’re still comfortably supported.

Place both arms behind you and clasp your hands together.

Squeeze your shoulder blades and elbows towards each other, then on an inhale, stretch out your arms behind you.

Hold for 8-10 deep breaths then release.

Yoga - 1

7 Break time bend

Finish up with a forward bend which will get the blood flowing to your brain, helping you stay sharp for the remainder of the day.

Sit up tall and straight and take a long deep breath in. On the exhale, bend forwards, bringing your waist over your legs.

Let your hands rest on the floor and your head hang heavy.

Take 5 breaths in this pose, then slowly return to the upright position.

Hopefully now you’re feeling relaxed and have eased a little of the tension from your working day.

Enjoy the rest of your break.