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Turn your break time into make time!

Get creative during your break with our origami tutorial. Follow the simple instructions to create your own Kitty-Kat break buddy.

What you’ll need: A4 paper, a pen, and a pair of scissors. Optional: a colleague, so you can both make buddies and compare at the end!

Origami Step 1

Take a sheet of A4 paper and cut it into a square. Do this by taking the top right corner of the page and folding it towards the lower left side.

Origami Step 2

Cut off the bottom section of the page with some scissors, and you’ll be left with a perfect square.

Origami Step 3

Fold your square in half diagonally, top to bottom.

Origami Step 4

Bring each of the corners in, so that they’re both touching the bottom point and create a diamond shape.

Origami Step 5

Fold the top quarter down to the middle point.

Origami Step 6

Fold up the two flaps from the bottom. Try to line up the folded edges to the triangle above.

Origami Step 7

Flip your paper over, back to front.

Origami Step 8

Fold up the flap from the bottom.

Origami Step 9

Fold down the top tip of that same flap to create a nose.

Origami Step 10

To bring your break time buddy to life, grab a pen and give it some personality with some Kitty Kat features!