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KitKat® Big Bunny Hutch is THE series of the spring as five bunnies compete for your affection and to be crowned the KitKat® Easter Bunny 2021.

The drama begins with our fluffy five entering the Big Bunny Hutch, ready to embark on a season of friendship, food and lots of fun.

Your votes have been counted and verified and we can now reveal that the winner of The KITKAT Big Bunny Hutch 2021, and claiming the title of our KITKAT Easter Bunny is... Popcorn! The cheeky chap will be remembered as a stand out contestant! 

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More About The KitKat® Big Bunny Hutch

  • How was the animal’s welfare maintained during this project?

    Animal welfare was our number one priority during the development of this content series. A lot of time was invested from the outset in recruiting the right farm / animal partner for this series. Belmont Farm have the welfare credentials we required and their facilities meant we could shoot everything on site at the farm. As these bunnies were already living together at the farm, no new “house mate” was introduced for the purpose of the content.

    Belmont Farm and their Animal Handlers were consulted throughout the concept development phase, provided approval throughout and the bunnies handlers were present and involved in the shoot to ensure the animals welfare was maintained throughout.

  • Where are the Bunnies from?

    Belmont Farm, Mill Hill, NW7 1QT. Belmont Farm is a real working farm. Beyond this, they educate the community on animals and farm life so anyone, young or old, can meet, handle and feed a huge variety of farm animals. For more information visit -

  • Where did the filming take place?

    Filming took place at the Bunnies’ home of Belmont Farm with guidance and oversight from the Belmont Farm Animal Handlers. The Bunnies were monitored throughout to ensure they were always feeling comfortable and right at home.


  • Do the Bunnies know each other?

    Rabbits are highly social animals and this group know each other well and interact regularly.

  • Are the Bunnies happy and healthy?

    Yes, all the bunnies are very happy and healthy and are observed and monitored daily by farm staff and their handlers and seen to by a local vet when required.

  • We see the Bunnies eating some nice treats during the show, is this their regular diet?

    No, this food was brought in for the purpose of filming. Whilst they do have treats like these on occasion, they predominantly live on a diet of special rabbit mix which is captured in the footage.

  • What is the Big Bunny Hutch?

    The Big Bunny Hutch is a fun name we used to describe one of the large empty stables that we dressed for the filming. Rabbits are naturally very inquisitive creatures and our bunnies enjoyed exploring their temporary film set surroundings.

  • Additional Information

    These bunnies all live on a farm with lots of space and friends to keep them company and are looking forward to seeing the public once again, when the farm reopens on the 12th April.

    We encourage you to visit Belmont Farm, or another farm near you, to meet the cast or other bunnies like them, before you decide whether rabbit ownership is for you.

    If you’re considering getting a bunny for your household, please do your research so you are well informed and equipped to cater for your bunny’s needs. For more information visit RSPCA to find out more about caring for a bunny:

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